Deadline: Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s “Review” Of ‘Interstellar’

Following his much talked about critical tweets on Gravity, astrophysicist/TV personality Neil DeGrasse Tyson has emerged as a top authority on big-budget Hollywood movies set in space. While he insists he is not a critic and doesn’t do movie reviews, DeGrasse gave Chris Nolan’s saga as thorough science examination as he did on Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity with a slew of tweets Sunday. Whether or not the participation of Caltech physics professor Kip Thorne as consultant and executive producer played a part, Interstellar got high marks from Tyson in the scientific accuracy department. (Or he may have been more measured in his response following the backlash to his criticism of Gravity.)

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alycakes2139d ago

I'm always interested in anything he has to say. I have always been a star gazer and we go out to try and see meteor showers and look at the moon thru the telescope. It's just a wonderful and exciting universe.

thorstein2138d ago

I'm not sure the author understands Neil Tyson's humor.