Is Disney Planning On Dropping The Episode Numbers From All The Star Wars Movies?

But here’s a reason why they shouldn’t drop the Episode numbers; it’s absolutely 100% synonymous with Star Wars. If anything, the decision to drop the numbers from the subtitle will actually only confuse casual viewers and greatly antagonise everyone else. Hey maybe I’m reading way too much into this and perhaps Disney have zero intention of dropping the Episode numbers. I mean why would they? I can’t imagine a Star Wars scroll without the Episode number at the top, can you? With Kathleen Kennedy now in charge and she and J.J. Abrams constantly spewing on about how faithful the new movies will be, it’s highly doubtful they plan to get rid of the Episode numbers and in all likelihood we’ll see them officially put back in their right place very soon. At least I hope so…

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RetrospectRealm2141d ago

Already known that it will be on the crawl but will not be used in marketing.

darklordzor2141d ago

Doesn't really matter. The original Star Wars films were marketed as Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, without the "Episode" numbers attached. Those only appeared in the opening crawl (as Episode VII will for this one). It wasn't until the prequels that they started marketing the title with the Episode number in them.

RetrospectRealm2141d ago

Yup, people are freaking out over nothing.