IGN The Walking Dead: "Self Help" Review

Five seasons in now on The Walking Dead, it's hard to grow attached to new characters. A lot of older, core characters still exist and, much like one might actually experience in a zompocalypse, you grow to learn not to get too close to those you run into on the road. Bob's a good example. He was fine, but he perhaps hadn't been around long enough for most viewers to get close to. It's just the nature of the show's premise. We grow more callous and distrustful as time goes on. Unless it's a new enemy, our vitals don't usually spike.

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alycakes2152d ago

That was eye opening episode in more ways than one. I wonder how Eugene is going to fare now?

Soldierone2152d ago

Even if you don't read the comics you saw that coming a mile away.


Who puts their life out there like that without explanation? Even if he was going loopy over losing his family, why does everyone else blindly follow?

Also being smart and purely basing if off of the environment, wouldn't it be smart to go west?