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Torn Between Interstellar and Big Hero 6; A Geek Father’s Dilemma

Richard of writes "Hmm, should I allow the heart of the sci-fi fan within me to win the battle this weekend, or that of the loving and caring father? I know that sounds like a selfish question, but I honestly feel torn this weekend when it comes to the box office features of Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi drama Interstellar or Disney’s animated super hero feature Big Hero 6. (Okay, so it isn’t some Earth-shattering decision, but still one that I am dealing with.) I won’t be able to see either movie unto Tuesday, November 11 (thanks a lot full time job at the L.A.P.D.) so I have time to decide but this is really a harder decision than I thought it would be. But this is the dilemma as a geek/nerd parent from time to time; sacrificing your passions so your kids can entertain theirs; and living on a limited budget."

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RetrospectRealm2540d ago

Works full time at LAPD but will have to eat a Cup of Noodles at work for 2 weeks if he saw both films...?

I have a family member who is in the LAPD and gets paid darn good.

Arcee2540d ago

It's not that I don't get paid good money; it's now that I am working on a budget, as I said in the article, to save to buy a house, I now have a "fun money" account that is slightly limited. The goal is to save the 30% down payment in about a year. If it wasn't for that, trust me, my $70K a year usually allows for more than one movie night a week. =)