Doctor Who: 10 Big Questions After Death In Heaven

But as satisfying as the resolution to Death In Heaven was, the episode still left us with some unanswered questions, not just about the events that took place this week, but series eight as a whole. There were only a couple of minor plot holes thanks to Steven Moffat’s taught script. At the same time, there is much to ponder on too.

In this article we look at the 10 biggest questions Death In Heaven left us and debate what they mean for the Doctor, Clara and the show as a whole moving forward.

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-Foxtrot2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

10 - Hopefully, she was bland and she was so whiny in the recent series.

5 - I hope they explain this because I think it would be good if they linked it into the "Am I a good man" question he asks Clara, maybe the fact he saved him and his family was such a good thing he regenerated to look similar so his appearance would be the answer to his own question...yes, he is a good man. Maybe his descendant could be that guy in Torchwood aswell Capaldi also played.

4 - I'm still hoping the Master escaped by taking over some one elses body and that Missy is just a host for him untill the Doctor finds Gallifrey and he can be free.