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Unleash the Fanboy: "Another series of Doctor Who comes to an end, and though I have been excited for “Death in Heaven” since the title was first revealed, the notion that this’ll be the last episode until Christmas is a little upsetting. Nevertheless I always bask in the moment, and despite having gotten off to average start, Series 8 has certainly found it’s feet in the long run, being a successful start for the Twelfth Doctor."

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-Foxtrot2151d ago

8.5 really

Worst series finale ever

Mofatt needs to go before the next series. His writting is relying on nothing but shocks now. She should of been the Rani not the Master.

SouthClaw2151d ago

I never thought Mofatt was any good from the time he took over. I do like peter capaldi that was a good choice probably the only good one.

RTD was a hell of a lot better than Mofatt. I thought with Mofatt we would see a slightly darker Doctor Who but it was weak.

It has taken him 4 years to undo all that RTD did with bringing back the Time Lords. While I like that they are back don't have a story take 4 years to come back!

A story arch should last a season and that is it.

-Foxtrot2151d ago

Moffat is an arogant douche in my opinion

He made it so the Universe reset undid most of RTD stories.

Sets up massive story arcs then once he can't figure out how to finish them resorts to "Timey Wimey" stuff

Does things based on shock value. Making the Master a woman, killing Osgood for no reason, bringing back the Brig as a Cyberman etc

Tries too hard to make his companions imporant that he would go back and shove in someone like Clara in past DW events, like making it so she was the one who told the first Doctor what TARDIS to take.

I mean the guy just doesn't give a shit about past stories, least RTD respected them. Not the best writer but he was better then Mofatt.

Mofatt can only do one off stories where all his time is spent in that one script, like the ones he did for RTD