Gotham Season 1 Episode 7 Review – ‘Penguin’s Umbrella’ Flickering Myth

My hope is that they will do with Gordon what has already been done with Penguin. A moral ambivalence would serve the series well. If a sensibility which swayed closer to Bale or Keaton’s Batman could be revealed within Gordon here, then that would be exciting and dare I say new. Now I am not saying this idea is new across the board, just here, with this character, within these broadcasting perimeters. Of course adding a little darkness to the heart of Gordon would also pay homage and tie in nicely with the Oldman interpretation. In the eyes of that Gordon, if we are to follow this storyline through to a logical conclusion, he came to understand who the true enemy of Gotham really was. As for the series Gotham has but one adversary using many aliases. Right now apathy and indifference are on the ropes, with a further flurry of counter punches Gotham may win over a hostile crowd and claim victory. Only time will tell.

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