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Leeds International Film Festival 2014 Review – The Imitation Game (2014) Flickering Myth

Director Morten Tyldum, whose last effort, Headhunters, was an intense chase thriller that was amongst the best films of 2011, doesn’t really show any flare behind the camera this time around. It’s a shame that The Imitation Game tries so hard to be important film that it knows it can be, but dodges all the topics that it should be discussing. The key scene where they actually crack enigma with two words that every Nazi had in their vocabulary is a breath of fresh air in the film, but everything after that slowly grinds to a halt – ending with on screen captions that actually tell you more about the life of Alan Turing and his achievements than the previous two hours ever could.

In the end, The Imitation Game is much like The Turing Machine itself. Mechanical, slow and at times, boring to watch. Oscar bait in the laziest sense, there’s a better story to be told about Alan Turing and it’s just waiting to be made.

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