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American Horror Story: Freak Show – Episode 5 Review Flickering Myth

Overall this week saw a more focused effort on taking each of the main characters to their next level, introducing either new factors which could alter their lives or developing their motive and reasoning. The town of Jupiter is now accepting of the freak show so the real drama can only lie within the camp, with the jealous Elsa making what could be a fatal mistake (depending on how vicious she truly is) in selling Bette and Dot to Gloria and Dandy. I do enjoy delving into each of the characters more as I feel this season the writing is so rich, but I also can’t help but miss some of the exciting action that characterised the first two seasons. Development is good but so are exorcisms, murderous ghosts, demon babies and psychotic murderers. We have Dandy but I’m beginning to worry that Freak Show is going to way of Coven, switching too haphazardly between characters in an attempt to keep viewers entertained. We’re here, we’re watching it, we love all the characters already: just give us some action!

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