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The Legend of Korra Season 4 Episode 6 Review: “Battle of Zaofu” | TVOM

Despite a mildly misleading title, “Battle of Zaofu” winds up being another exciting episode of The Legend of Korra as the series sets up its final major conflict. The itch to see that conflict in full is starting to become unbearable, but there’s one storyline in this episode that quells it as best as it can. Since his introduction to the series back at the beginning of season two, Varrick has been–at the very least–entertaining. Yet, even with potentially one-dimensional characters, Korra finds a way of humanizing and deepening its cast in surprising ways. Bumi, for example (still absent, because we can’t have nice things), is someone who could have just served a superficial function. But his struggles to find his strength and position next to his brother and sister as one of Aang’s children was an absolute joy to witness. Varrick has had the occasional fist-pumping moment, but “Battle of Zaofu” goes a step further in using him to show the difference between what someone who is inherently good would do in a situation versus someone like Bataar Jr."

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