IGN The Big Bang Theory: "The Prom Equivalency" Review

The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom that grows and evolves very, very slowly. It's always nice when sweeps month rolls around, as it seems to force the writers to kick things into gear and focus on moving the various character relationships forward. That's exactly what happened in "The Prom Equivalency." This episode deftly balanced humor and character drama, resulting in what is easily the strongest installment of Season 8 so far.

Honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect from this episode given the premise. Every so often this show veers into negative territory when it devotes too much energy towards poking fun at the main characters and their geeky ways. The idea of Penny staging a prom so everyone could experience what they missed in high school could easily have gone bad. Luckily, the humor was more good-natured and the concept a lot of fun. Everyone reacted a little differently to the idea of having a prom do-over, and the results were consistently entertaining.

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alycakes2153d ago

OMG! This was just the best! I can't believe how much we laughed watching this episode. Up there in the top 20.