IGN Constantine: "The Devil's Vinyl" Review

Constantine took us into familiar horror-procedural territory this week with a "cursed artifact" plot that held my interest for about half the episode and then dissolved into what felt like a different story tonally. The debut of Michael James Shaw however, as recurring Constantine comic book character Papa Midnite, was a welcome addition to the show.

Even if you're willing to buy into Constantine lore, making an old vinyl record scary is still a hard feat to pull off. Especially when it feels like it can be easily avoided. It comes complete with a temptation to listen to it, as evil spirits will beckon one to do so, but that's still a tricky sell. I liked the blues singer backstory, evoking the old tales of famed musician Robert Johnson's crossroads deal with the devil, though this show's "crossroads demons" (from Supernatural) are called "soul brokers." And, as explained, they're more like to wander hospital hallways as would an ambulance chaser.

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alycakes2544d ago

Awesome episode tonight. I really like the way Constantine works. I like the guy that helps him too...he's a little out of the ordinary and this new girl is going to be a big help to him too.