IGN Z Nation: "Die, Zombie, Die... Again" Review

Well, another week and another episode that mostly takes place inside the head of one of the survivors. After last week’s “Zunami” spent a great deal of time inside the head of Citizen Z, this week we find ourselves trapped inside the head of Addy as she tries to finally come to terms with what happened on the first night of the zombie apocalypse. “Die, Zombie, Die… Again” is more emotionally effective than last week’s trip in the cranium of Citizen Z but it still feels starved for content.

The last few weeks have given us a glimpse of a horrible memory that Addy has been trying to cope with. She’s also started to become distant and withdrawn from Mack as well. As we discover this week, she has been associating a memory of a horrible situation from her past with Mack and that’s been affecting her relationship with him.

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alycakes2146d ago

Didn't get to watch this week but will watch soon. Hope it's good. Didn't want to read the review either but this is for anyone that is watching and following the show.