Jared Leto Eyed to Play The Joker in WB's ‘Suicide Squad’

From The Wrap:

Oscar winner Jared Leto is circling a key role in David Ayer‘s “Suicide Squad” that could prove to be The Joker, an individual familiar with the Warner Bros. project has told TheWrap.

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Porcelain_Chicken2152d ago

Holy cr@p! Hmm, i like Jared. I think he's underrated and i can definitely see him pull it off. After Ledger it's hard to tell who's got some 'amazing' to bring to life and create a cult classic and who's generic.

-Foxtrot2152d ago

I like the casting if true but why the SS, you'd want his big appearance to be in a film facing Batman. A story where he is the main villain to give him as much screen time to develop him

Lord_Sloth2151d ago

Well it worked quite well in TaS.

WizzroSupreme2152d ago

I like that Joker's going to get a bit of his own autonomy apart from the Batman V. Superman universe, particularly if it's only preparing Joker for his confrontation with Batman. Jared Leto might be serviceable in make-up and putting The Joker in his element beyond Batman might be exciting.

Still, I'm wondering how loosely connected to the adaptation is going to be to the Snyder universe, if at all, because the looser the better if the good ship B v. S does stink.

aDDicteD2152d ago

jared leto as the joker is a good choice.
i can see him playing the part and his physical structure also is similar with the joker.

alycakes2151d ago

I just like him as an actor. He stayed away too long. One of the best movies he I ever saw him in was Switchback with Danny Glover and Dennis Quaid.