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Arrow Season 3 Review “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak” | TV Equals

TV Equals: "My grandmother used to say how thankful she was for all of the mistakes and wrong turns she took as a younger woman because they taught her how to be a better woman. That’s one of the many lessons Felicity learned in this week’s Arrow. There were a lot of elements that worked well for me in this episode. The first of which is that it was a Felicity-centric episode. If you’ve read any of my Arrow reviews you will know how much I love Felicity Smoak. I have loved her ever since the first time Oliver walked into her office and asked for her help. She is smart, funny, strong, and absolutely adorable. Not only that, she is a wonderful support for Oliver and a vital member of Team Arrow. The thing is, when we met Felicity she was already a fully realized individual. Yes, we’ve seen her evolve over the last couple of seasons, but evolution and creation are two separate things. Basically, this episode gave us a glimpse of how Felicity became the tech girl we’ve come to know and love."

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