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Walking Dead Spoiler; Main Character Will Die in The Mid-Season Finale says "Most of us are wondering where The Walking Dead will lead us this season. The threat of Terminus has been extinguished, and the group is on the move. Most major players have been reunited with Rick Grimes. So what's next?"

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WizzroSupreme2543d ago

Carl would break Rick's heart, but I'm betting it's Daryl, which proceeds to initiate unrest across the Internet fandom.

THC CELL2542d ago

Daryl wont die the show would cause a riot

annoyedgamer2542d ago

If Daryl dies, the show will begin its slow death spiral.

Soldierone2542d ago


After the last episode, it's pretty obvious it's Beth. She finally kicks butt, and they kill her... :/

It's either Beth or Carol, or both.

Sure as heck isn't Daryl, not for a mid season event. That would just be stupid to be honest.

alycakes2542d ago

I think if it was Daryl I would probably stop watching....he's the best character on there.

Soldierone2542d ago

Exactly why I think mid season would be dumb for it to be mid season. Let it be season finale so people can cry all summer and forget about it.

MRHARDON2542d ago

Title should read "Viewer count will drop after mid-season finale"

ceballos77mx2542d ago

It can't be Rick, Michonne or Daryl, they have a butt load of merchandise with their faces, they wont lose all those revenues these characters bring.

goldwyncq2542d ago

If Carol dies, we riot! To be honest, besides Rick, Carl, and Daryl (for now), no one's really safe.

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The story is too old to be commented.