Toy Story 4 Officially Set for Summer 2017

From Cinelinx:

In something of a big surprise, Disney's CEO Bob Iger has revealed that Toy Story 4 is happening with John Lasseter returning to helm the new animated adventure. They've even given it a release date for June 2017.

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aDDicteD2148d ago

it would be great for another toy story film.

i only hope if they are making more, they have to maintain a strong quality, the trilogy was awesome start to finish and they have one of the strongest closures for a trilogy both making the audience feel symphatetic and grateful for a wonderful story it was.

StarWarsFan2147d ago

I'm not surprised another one is on the way based on how much the last one made. It was astronomical. I've always thought Toy Story could make a good Christmas movie. They should consider a festive story one day and not just as a TV special.