Star Wars: Episode VII Title Revealed As The Force Awakens

Walt Disney Studios and Lucasfilm have announced today, following the completion of principal photography, that Star Wars: Episode VII is now officially titled Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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-Foxtrot2151d ago

Worst title dosen't even make sense for what the force is.

Maybe if it was "The Force Reawakens" or something but after 6 films I think the force is fully awake

Return of the Sith would of been better

WizzroSupreme2151d ago

I liked "An Ancient Fear" the best.

04roacht2150d ago

I really liked that rumoured title too.

RetrospectRealm2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

You're not thinking about it enough. It could have a double meaning like "The Force Awakens... in Daisy Ridley" or something similar, much like Return Of The Jedi.

Star Wars titles are not supposed to sound all badass and crazy cool. They're supposed to evoke the feeling of the old 1940s film serials. Supposed to be cheesy.

The force could very well have gone almost completely away, with the Sith gone and if the rumors of Luke going into seclusion are true, it'd be like the force was asleep for 30 years. Now in this film, it will wake up.

"Return Of The Sith" does not fit the Star Wars naming formula and it's just a lame-o mash-up of Eps. 3 and 6.

1st Film: The (blank) (blank) [used to be The (adjective) (noun)
2nd Film: (Noun) does an action
3rd Film: (blank) of the (force related word)

I would've preferred they used "Force" in Episode 9 with something like "Comeback Of The Force" or something.

Not to mention, you wouldn't say "I'm reawake" when you wake up, you just say "I'm awake".