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Star Wars 7: Trailer is Ready

Last week there was rumor about the first trailer for Star Wars 7, which will be online soon. According to the admirers of the maestro, Williams allegedly received a trailer from JJ Abrams so that he can bring his musical touch.

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darklordzor2544d ago

Gotta love that my tweet is making the rounds now...

RetrospectRealm2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

What do you mean?

Edit: Nevermind. Lol

darklordzor2544d ago

Yep! I didn't think it was enough actual news to make my own article out of, so I tweeted about it instead...then someone turned THAT into an article. Crazy.

RetrospectRealm2544d ago

These days if anything remotely has anything to do with Episode VII, it will be reported about and get tons of views.

"Report: Star Wars Episode VII Editing Room Toilet Clogged!"

SilentNegotiator2543d ago

Who clogged it?
Will this cause the film to be delayed?
Is this a spoiler?

So many questions!!

wannabe gamer2543d ago

tell us one thing, was it hard to stop watching it on repeat before starting your work?

Deadpoolio2543d ago

OR I dunno call me crazy, you wait for them to actually just release the trailer....I know crazy right, lord forbid people actually wait until a studio is ready to release a trailer....

feedthereaper2543d ago

Nah.... don't want some poor quality leak! We just want a HD, full blown trailer that doesn't give away 90% of the plot or best bits but teases us and most importantly, isn't tied into some other action like "Go see Crap Movie A to see the trailer" or something!

NCAzrael2543d ago

Damn the naysayers! I'm right there with you in hoping it leaks.

strangeaeon2543d ago

I know I will watch it, but part of me wants to avoid every bit of info in order to get maximum enjoyment out of this. Or maximum disappointment, ya never know...