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Survivor Season 29 Review “A Million Dollar Decision” | TV Equals

TV Equals: "Survivor usually starts their episodes with those “Blue vision” scenes as the teams get back from Tribal, but “If The Shoe Fits” skipped straight to the next morning as the Coyopa tribe feels the strange need to explain to Keith why he got votes. None of this made sense to me. You had to split your votes to flush an idol, so Keith drew the short straw. Yeah, it might stink to have your name written down, but I don’t know why Keith got so upset about it. If you want to show your loyalty to your people, and not separate yourself from them, then take your votes with some grace and let it roll of your back. Do you think they’re going to vote for the guy who spat and moaned and called them liars? Or the nice guy who was a team player and allowed you to throw some votes at him? Weird reaction."

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WizzroSupreme2542d ago

Not liking this season at all, barely anyone to root for. A woman leaving because she felt too awesome for anyone else was the best moment this season's had, and that's sad.