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What the Justified Season 5 Cast Was Missing: A True Villain

TVOM: "FX has been pumping out great shows for years now, with series like The Shield, Terriers, and It‘s Always Sunny in Philadelphia proving just how diverse and creative the network’s development team is. However, out of all the shows that have come out on FX over the past decade or so, for me, there is absolutely no question that Justified is the cable channel’s greatest achievement. Despite being mostly a procedural-type series when it first began, Justified quickly became more serialized, utilizing its Kentucky setting to provide us with some great, backwoods country villains, such as Mags Bennett in the show’s second (and best) season, and carpetbagger criminals like Raylan’s main nemesis in Season 3, the psychotic Robert Quarles. Even the fourth season of Justified, which mainly abandoned the “Big Bad” structure and instead focused on the Drew Thompson mystery, featured a scenery-chewing Mike O’Malley as Nicky Augustine, a character whose murder, which was, in a way, caused by Raylan (even though he didn’t pull the trigger himself), had major repercussions in Season 5. See, a good villain is just as important to Justified‘s DNA as smart, fast-paced dialogue and strong, commanding performances from Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins, and a true, good villain was exactly what was missing from the Justified Season 5 cast."

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