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10 Movies You’ll Be Shocked To Hear Were Huge Box Office Hits

this article will look at ten movies that became surprising box office hits, ranked in order of how much money they made. Relative to their respective budgets each of these movies turned a massive profit and caught on in a big way with audiences around the globe, despite each title on paper failing to meet the standard requirements of the typical blockbuster. The list features documentaries, dramas, comedies and low-budget independent movies, with the common thread being that they all made a killing at the box office.

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aDDicteD2535d ago

Some were acually good films/ documentaries, kings speech is an oscar winner, so was schindlers list so i think it is not that surprising, march of the penguins and farenheit 911 were amazing as well.

the full monty was not good, maybe i just did not like the film and a lot of people does but among the list i was mostly surprise this film did well.