8 Reasons The Walking Dead Season 5 Is The Best So Far


The hit show from AMC The Walking Dead is several episodes into season 5 and the buzz is already incredibly positive. It’s perhaps not surprising after that incendiary opening episode, which really threw audiences in at the deep end and has been justly described as one of the best season openers for any TV series.

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04roacht2153d ago

Partially agree. I think it may turn out to be the best we just need more time.

Crazay2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

This season as been straight up balls to the walls. Carol is no longer that feeble battered woman we once saw and Rick is a much more hardened man at times walking the fine line between of his moral compass. It's been an absolutely amazing season so far.

TXIDarkAvenger2153d ago

So far yeah. Season 5 probably has the strongest start of the series.

thorstein2153d ago

WC shouldn't mean should mean: Won't Click.

StarWarsFan2153d ago

The story seems to be going by faster. For instance, they didn't dwell on Terminus for half a season. I'm only worried about there being three groups now to talk about. That may slow things down a lot.

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