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10 Things You Didn't Know About The Marvel Cinematic Universe


Nowadays, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is probably about as popular as other very popular things – you know, like Jesus or One Direction. Over the past eight years, the comic book behemoth that is Marvel have successfully crafted one of the most impressive cinematic constructs ever conceived by people who are interested in devising things of that sort – a fully-fledged and interconnecting universe built out of multiple characters appearing in and across multiple movies that is constantly evolving before our very eyes. Hurrah!

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04roacht2545d ago

I think Nick Fury will die in AOU maybe.

SouthClaw2544d ago

I think it will be in Cap 3 and Cap will take on the leader of shield and push coulson to the side lol

hazelamy2544d ago

"10 things"?

must be another whatculture one paragraph per page article, i'll pass.

somebody getting a commission for posting like 20 of these a day or something?

04roacht2544d ago

yeah what culture suck. they plagiarize loads. I used to work for them :/