Henry Cavill To Star In Spy Thriller Stratton

Based on the novel series by Duncan Falconer, Stratton tells the story of a British spy with a lethal reputation. This actually isn’t the first time Cavill has flirted with the spy genre, as he almost played James Bond in Casino Royale before the role went to Daniel Craig.

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StarWarsFan2546d ago

Speaking of going beyond Superman, I've been really impressed with Brandon Routh's performance on Arrow. He's pulling off the cockiness well.

ironfist922546d ago

How do you know he's not really Superman in disguise :P

ironfist922546d ago

Itll be hard to see Cavill in anything without seeing Superman.

Although the fact he's working on a new movie so soon makes me wonder how he has time what with all the DC movies hes supposed to be in. Maybe superman does die?