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Interstellar is the latest mind bending thriller from Chris Nolan that features an all-star cast highlighted by Matthew McConaughey (Cooper), Anne Hathaway (Amelia Brand), and a supporting cast that boasts the likes of Michael Caine (Dr. Brand), Jessica Chastain (Murph), and two major cameos that will shock you thanks to their clear omission from the film’s promotional campaign. At first glance this film may look like a fun large scale sci-fi adventure that will excite your imagination and keep you on the edge of your seat thanks to its deep space faring exploratory action, but in reality it’s a very intense look at the powers of love, mankind’s undying will to survive, and the brain busting mysteries of space and time.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA2548d ago

Great flick, not what I expected at all.

snowbearder2547d ago

Looking forward to checking this out. Definitely an interesting premise

Starscream862547d ago

glad I read this review, was interested to see how this turned out.