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Johnny Depp's and Kevin Smith's Daughters Debut First Image of 'Yoga Hosers'


The team behind director Kevin Smith's latest horror outing, Yoga Hosers, has released the first promotional still from the Tusk spinoff, and it doesn't disappoint. Now shooting in Los Angeles, Yoga Hosers stars Johnny Depp as a Quebec police detective who is enlisted by two convenience store clerks — played by Smith's and Depp's daughters, Harley Quinn Smith and Lily-Rose Depp, both 15. (All three actors are reprising their Tusk roles.)

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04roacht2545d ago

Kevin Smith seems to be working a lot now. Just done Tusk, doing this and Clerks 3, does the podcasts each week, is like the ambassador for DC.

GiantEnemyCrab2545d ago

Must be nice to just get parts because of daddy. Tusk bombed so bad they pulled it from theaters just under 3 weeks. Kevin Smith is so incredibly over-rated.