‘Gotham’ Central: “Penguin’s Umbrella” Recap and Review | Entertainment Buddha

EB's Justin Ludwig writes, "The opening act of this episode was a little uneven in terms of the characters, dialogue, and pacing. Things just seemed a little off with the way the actors played the parts and the interactions, but then after Zsasz jumped in then things went to 11 real fast. The rest of the episode was can’t miss because there were so many twists in turns it might take a second to digest it all but it sets things up in a nice way for the next few episodes. Some of the plot points did feel a little out of place and slightly bizarre, such as Gordon trusting Montoya and Allen so quickly after they all made up. Come on, Jim, head on a swivel. Plus Barbara was just a sloppy MacGuffin per usual."

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Starscream862150d ago

there were so many twists in that episode!