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The Originals Season 2 Review “Red Door” | TV Equals

TV Equals: "On another solid episode of “The Originals,” the showdown between the various members of the Mikaelson clan continued as per usual, with a few new interesting wrinkles cropping up along the way, in “Red Door.” In one corner, we had Elijah, still being held captive by mother Esther, aka Lenore, who was determined to make him see the error of his vampire ways and usher him into becoming mortal again, albeit with witchy powers. In the other corner, we had Klaus and his father, continuing the bait-and-switch of trying to dupe and kill one another by any means necessary. Meanwhile, there was also Kol, who was trying to foil Davina’s plan to unlink Klaus from his progeny at his mother and brother Finn’s behest- or was he?"

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