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Look Who Visits Smallville Cemetery in "Batman v Superman"

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The following news report includes information and a photo that some may consider spoiler material.
Click on the "S" icon to reveal the spoiler details and photo:

Jeff Frost also sent us more photos from Yorkville, including two videos of the Smallville Cemetery locale and Production Basecamp.

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Porcelain_Chicken2546d ago

Cool!!! Affleck looks badass as Bruce! Sorry but anyone who thinks this is bad casting (especially after Gone Girl) is an idiot. No offence.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2546d ago

Remove that offense bit and I third that notion!!!! :D lol at your the disagrees. Trolls be roaming tonight.

vakarian752546d ago

I don't see why you say he looks badass as Bruce you can hardly see him he looks like any white guy with short hair.

-Foxtrot2546d ago

I know...and people wonder why he's getting disagreed

Porcelain_Chicken2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

Not the only pic of him as Bruce out there. And outta sheer curiosity, what is Bruce Wayne supposed to look like again other than just that? Did Keaton and Bale not bring the same "just a white guy with hair" look too?

Is he supposed to be an Indian guy with long blonde curly hair? c'mon man!

-Foxtrot2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

So people are idiots for having a different wow

I couldn't give a shit if Gone Girl was good, he doesn't suit this part at all especially when there are a ton of better suited actors for the role.

George Clooney was fantastic in From Dusk Till Dawn and pretty decent in One Fine Day, two films just before Batman and Robin yet he was a crap Batman.

Ben is a better director then actor. He should of directed Batman more then be cast as him

Porcelain_Chicken2545d ago

Not an opinion more like a guess. If I say a guy can't run the Olympics because he's just not suited for it because I say so. I'd say that's more like a really shallow idiotic guess rather than a careful and thought out opinion. So no to your first question.

Resorting to cussing there Fox? tsk, tsk.

Correction Batman & Robin was crap. Not Clooney's fault. Without a doubt a younger Clooney in Bale's shoes would have been phenomenal. Stop being so angry and picture it for a sec and tell me I'm wrong.

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vakarian752546d ago

Was that song actually playing or was it added in afterwards just for these videos?

dboyman2545d ago

Its sounds the song was playing in the car...