Box Office: 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay' Could Top $150M in U.S. Debut

Lionsgate's YA film franchise The Hunger Games is showing no signs of fatigue.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay -- Part 1 popped up on tracking Thursday to huge numbers and has every chance of matching the $158.2 million North American debut of sequel The Hunger Games: Catching Fire a year ago.

Either way, Mockingjay -- Part 1, opening in theaters Nov. 21, is destined to score the top launch of the year, which has been decidedly tepid when it comes to mega openings. The current 2014 record-holder is Transformers: Age of Extinction at $100 million.

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alycakes2226d ago

I have no doubt it will do well, that much....I'm not sure.

Soldierone2226d ago

I think if it fails to meet that, then Hollywood knows for sure there is a problem with something. This movie has so much anticipation going into it, it should hit at least close to that number.

If it's another 50-80 million week, we have a problem. I expect at least 130.

alycakes2226d ago

Early ticket sales have already surpassed expectations so it will probably meet their goal.

aDDicteD2225d ago

i would not be surprise if they meet that goal, the second installment was a stronger film than the first this will give a strong impression to its fan base that this franchise is getting better and better especially now that its wrapping up with mokingjay, not mentioning fans will probably opt imax 3d when watching this.

if as early as now they estimated that mokingjay beats catching fire then surely they can easily reach that number. as seen how far the increase is between hunger games and catching fire it looks like mikingjay would also have a significant increase from catching fire also.