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10 Great Horror Movies for Halloween That You've Never Seen says "There are a number of standard horror movies that many horror fans watch every single year come hell or high water. There are also a number of lists available to give some ideas, but often those lists include films that we've seen many times."

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Best-Horror-Movies2222d ago

Tried to come up with a list of new and older horror movies most people have not seen. Lots of good stuff on this list.

aDDicteD2222d ago

among the list i only saw one, the film deliver us from evil was a great horror film with full of tension and the atmosphere is terrific. my favorite part of the film was in the bronx zoo at the beginnng it did a good pace and i got hooked up until the end.

s45gr322222d ago

I will definitely check out the battery and ground zero

Hergula2222d ago

"Ground Zero" is quite good actually, a film that I saw about a year ago and really enjoyed, although it was quite mediocre as far as quality is concerned.