13 Awesome Easter Eggs in Horror Films says "Filmmakers have been paying quiet tribute to other inspirational filmmakers for too many decades to count. In recent years this tactic has taken on the term ‘Easter egging’, because of course it can be a serious hunt to spot these moments of true homage, especially the very subtle executions that some have taken to exercising."

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Best-Horror-Movies2223d ago

Its always fun learning about new hidden "easter eggs" in movies.

Lord_Sloth2222d ago

While not a horror movie, the film Cellular (Chris Evans, William H Macy) has a nod to Final Destination. While in the airport you hear a page for a flight boarding which is the flight in FD.

aDDicteD2216d ago

the toy story - shining easter egg might just be a coincidence

the alien skull in predator 2 is an easter egg any fan of both franchises can easily spot out even in a 5 second moment.