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Following the success of turning their best-selling toys into blockbuster movie franchises (i.e Transformers and G.I. Joe), Hasbro is confident over the prospects for Ouija, the latest horror-thriller film directed by Stiles White based off of Hasbro’s spirit board game of the same name. Big movie studios hope to take advantage of Hasbro’s familiar toys and board game titles that many of us grew up with to cash in at the box office. Hasbro on the other hand hopes to symbiotically benefit from the commercial exposure of these films to help boost sales of their merchandise like Lego did with the success of The Lego Movie, which has helped Lego surpass Hasbro to become this year’s #1 toy maker in the world. A collaboration between Universal and Hasbro sounds like a win-win situation for both the film and toy makers, doesn’t it? The only problem is the audiences are not so easily persuaded.

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WizzroSupreme1454d ago

Beyond forgetting how to pronounce this movie's name, it made me think this was going to be in some retirement home.