10 Must See Villains in DC Comics Movies

CB: With nine new films in development over the next six years, DC and Warner Bros. have laid the foundation for a whole franchise of superhero movies starring the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. But what about the bad guys? Any superhero movie fan will tell you that a compelling villain is central for a top notch flick. Fortunately, DC has a fantastic rogue’s gallery to choose from, giving the company plenty of possibilities for the big screen.

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WizzroSupreme2359d ago

I'd really like to see a real Darkseid at long last, and not some cloud like Smallville's. Apocalypse (DC's) would be the biggest threat Cavill Superman's Justice League could end on.

calis2358d ago

I do wonder if Brainiac will be an Ultron-like enemy for JL2

Soldierone2358d ago

He certainly has the caliber to be! The only reason he isn't higher on the list of villains is because Darkseid exists :P

ironfist922358d ago

If they get a great actor like Benedict Cumberbatch and not pull a name out of a hat like they usually do (Ezra flucking Miller?!), then we'd definitely have a DC villain as memorable as Ultron.

Porcelain_Chicken2357d ago

Braniac isn't always depicted as a machine. So there's different routes to take. Especially with the "puppet" theme Ultrons got going.

dota2champion2357d ago

No, he won't be nothing like Ultron. Ultron wants to destroy humanity because he see's humanity as a threat. Braniac is a collector of species.

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Porcelain_Chicken2357d ago

Agreed completely. It's all we can possibly ask for. Gonna be a long arse wait!!!

aDDicteD2358d ago

most of the villains mentioned will eventually be on screen most likely candidate will be

1. sinestro - because he is lanterns arch rival
2. deathstroke - this is DC's version of deadpool
3. darkseid - if JL is successful they will bring this guy
4. Cheetah - wonder woman has only few rogues gallery
5. Black Manta - an eventual aqua man villain

lastly i think reverse flash is already being done in flash tv series so he might not be considered for a film.

RetrospectRealm2358d ago

Deathstroke is DC's version of Deadpool? HELL NO. They literally don't act the same nor even use the same weapons. Lmao

calis2357d ago

Wasn't Deadpool a bit of a shot at Deathstroke (Slade Wilson vs Wade Wilson etc)

Vengeance11382357d ago

Deathstroke was originally supposed to be Deadpool when they were coming up with him. Kinda like how Resident Evil turned into Devil May Cry.

Soldierone2357d ago

Just want to correct above. Deadpool is to make fun of Deathstroke, that's all he really was, but he gained popularity and stuck around.

Deathstroke is more similar to Captain America than he is to Deadpool.

aDDicteD2354d ago

Deadpool is the equivalent of Deathstroke

do they need to have the same costumes or act the same or have the same weapons that will be so stupid if they did.

does catwoman and black cat have the same weapons?
does aquaman and namor have the same hair color?
does thanos and darkseid have the same outfit?
does quicksilver and flash have the same origins?
is hawkeye and green lantern exactly the same?
is hulk and grundy exactly the same?
ultron and braniac are exactly the same?

they do not have to be exactly the same or support the same weapons that would be an insult and a direct copycat. they need to be different in one way or another but the intention is to become the rival networks equivalent.

and yes deadpool(wade wilson) is an equivalent of deathstroke (slade wilson). both are weapon specialist.

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MYSTERIO3602357d ago

I think the DC equivalent to Deadpool is a guy called Grifter. You should look him up.

dboyman2357d ago

Brainiac should be on that list. He is a major Superman villain

dota2champion2357d ago

He's appearing in the Justice League film :)

RetrospectRealm2354d ago

Sure, Deadpool was a joke to Deathstroke, with both last names being Wilson, but Deadpool is in no way the equivalent. Deadpool is quite obviously a comical character. Just because they similar traits it does not support your argument. Like someone else said, Deathstroke is clearly the DC equivalent to Captain America. They both had super serum to get their abilities.

You then try to tell me about hair color, origins, and if similar characters are "exactly the same"? First off, why on earth would they be exactly the same? You act like I said that Deadpool had to be exactly like Deathstroke to be the equivalent. I only said they don't act the same or use the same weapons because I didn't think I had to list everything little thing for you.

Also, Hawkeye is the equivalant of Green Lantern? Where did you learn that? All you had to say for that and the three after was "do they act exactly the same?"

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cell9892357d ago

ummmm..... no DOOMSDAY = automatic fail. Only the most interesting villain DC has imo