TVF Grimm Review: Thanks for the Memories

Hang onto your hats, folks, because Grimm Season 4 Episode 1 kept the tension as taut as a high wire!

Our heroes have had little enough time to breathe, let alone come to terms with everything that happened in the Grimm Season 3 finale.

Far more questions are raised than answered, but they play it well throughout.

Thanks to Adalind, Nick has lost his Grimm powers. He wonders whether this might be a good thing, finally allowing him to have a normal life with Juliette. This is wishful thinking on his part, because the bad Wesen won't go away simply because he can't see them anymore. I suspect it won't take long before he really begins to appreciate this.

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alycakes1819d ago

Wow, talk about picking up where they left off. They didn't skip a beat. I felt so bad for Nick and for Trubel. It's going to be a long season for them all.