Edward Norton Reflects on Not Being the Hulk

When Edward Norton and Marvel parted ways in 2010 over the role of the Hulk, there was some real rage. Both camps lobbed broadsides at each other, with Marvel dropping a preemptive bomb that implied that Norton had to go because he lacked the “collaborative spirit of [the Avengers'] other talented cast members.” Norton’s agent angrily responded that Marvel’s unilateral decision to end good-faith negotiations with Norton was purely financial. For his part, Norton took the high road with an earnest missive on Facebook where he expressed regret that he wouldn’t be joining all the Marvel superheroes in The Avengers.

Four years later, Norton has a slightly different explanation for what happened then, which ultimately resulted in Mark Ruffalo taking over as Bruce Banner and the Hulk. When he spoke to NPR’s Terry Gross on Fresh Air, Norton, who is a leading contender for an Oscar nomination for his work in this month’s Birdman, made the 2010 parting seem like it was very much his artistic choice:

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alycakes1698d ago

I can see what he was thinking. A lot of people don't want to be typecast as a certain character. That does happen sometimes but look at Chris Hemsworth...he just goes out and makes other movies and I can see him as the other person he becomes when he does. He no longer is Thor in my eyes. It's a matter of perception in their eyes and the fans.

Soldierone1698d ago

I think he is just being a kind person in public eye. To me it came down to money. If he got paid more, he wouldn't mind the added time it would take to put out the movie. Let the business people argue, while he keeps a positive public image himself. It's a smart move really.

I mean you have that, and you have other actors that have the same excuse. Then just before they leave they get offered more money and sign on for 3 more movies. it's just a bargaining chip, and an easy excuse.

Nothing against him at all, he is a great actor, and he took the high road personally, which is fantastic. He could very easily bad mouth Marvel to gain attention and didn't.

alycakes1697d ago

Yes, I thought he was very nice about it also. He doesn't make movie after movie like some actors do. He's a little more selective so I'm sure that had a something to do with it also.

ironfist921698d ago

Incredible Hulk was much better than anything with Hulk/Bruce in Avengers., although the on screen chemistry between Mark and Robert was good.

StarWarsFan1698d ago

They should have just kept Eric Bana. Maybe people didn't like the Hulk he was in, but I don't think people suddenly had a problem with him specifically in the role.