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Genius Easter Egg in the Season 5 Premiere of The Walking Dead says "Robert Kirkman and Greg Nicotero are the gurus of Easter egg insertions. In just about every episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead you’ll spot some odd nod to another film, show, story, etc. These guys just love tossing in goodies designed to capture the hearts of hardcore horror fanatics while paying tribute to killer features of the past. And it works. But this Easter egg... wow, I’m guessing countless viewers completely missed this one!"

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Best-Horror-Movies2236d ago

This one made me smile. These guys are getting pretty creative.

No_Pantaloons2235d ago

That's really cool. I love creepshow and that story is actually one of my absolute favorites too. Truly scary even today.

thorstein2235d ago

Also, the first guy at the trough is the same guy that plays the Penguin on Gotham. His name in WD is Sam. Rick meets him with his girfriend. When he comes back, she is dead and Sam is missing.

Now we know what happened to Sam at the beginning of this season.

Soldierone2235d ago

They said he was brought in for a day and didn't even speak pretty much the entire time too due to working, that's nuts haha What a good sport!