The Hobbit Retold in 72 Seconds Using Legos and Stop Motion

Peter Jackson has done a masterful job bringing Tolkien’s works to the silver screen, but many fans and casual moviegoers feel that his films are a bit too long. Most come in at just under three hours long, which can be troubling for those of us that have short attention spans.

The BrotherhoodWorkshop has a solution for those of you that can’t sit through Jackson’s long films, namely his Hobbit trilogy that kicked off two years ago. The talented Lego masters that helm that YouTube channel have created a 72 second version of The Hobbit using Legos and stop motion filming to create the fastest, surprisingly spot on retelling of Tolkien’s masterpiece.


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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1738d ago

I don't mind the lengthy films, but this is a great Cliff's Note version of the book and movies.

snowbearder1738d ago

Haha lego stop-actions are the best