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The True Story of Annabelle, And Its Scary says "For those who are interested in the ENTIRE Annabelle story – to include the facts, testimony and theory, here it is ..."

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Soldierone2242d ago

Nothing really factual, just people saying things really. That is how movies get away with saying "based on a true story" though.

iNFAMOUZ12242d ago

its a true story, not just saying , go to the museum and ask lorraine for yourself, you and your agrees are just afraid of the truth

Lord_Sloth2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

I have a new hat for you. It's made of foil! I also brought some holy water, wooden steaks, and bells of garlic!

Soldierone2242d ago

I'm sure you are just trolling, but Put things together.

-They admit to never actually seeing it move. It just wasn't where they left it. There is more than one person in the house.

-He states he has scratches but they magically healed before anyone actually got a chance to see it.

-Everything else is just them saying "I heard" or "I believe" or "I felt" nothing is proven at all. Any person then talked to didn't witness anything. Even the accidents are not proven, they could have just found random accidents that happened that day and said "oh yeah, he was just here"

-They also don't go too far with the story to try and be believable. If the thing was really a demon, why did they keep it?

iNFAMOUZ12241d ago

well yea but if i lived with another person, dont you think i would ask them hey did you move annabelle?

and scratches dont heal that fast before your able to see them, he doesnt mention a timeline, so it might be a few days which is impossible

hearing is a big factor, and believing is just another way of telling yourself, i know it happened but im trying to question myself, felt was only mentioned once during the reality dream of lou

maybe they didnt have a camera?
most people didnt back then they were very expensive

they led busy lives going to school, i myself spend like 2 hours at home then i go to my two jobs and part time school, they probably wanted more proof for themselves like a curious kid, that's all of us

Pozzle2242d ago

I wish the movie had been about the nurse and her housemates. That sounds more interesting than what was actually in the movie.

DevilOgreFish2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

The Conjuring starts out pretty good until the later half in which it becomes a bunch of theatrical hocus pocus hogwash. I thought the first Insidious was better than both Insidious 2 and The Conjuring.

WizzroSupreme2242d ago

Hah, this "based on a true story" mumbo jumbo always gets caught up in some false sense of "fact," but a seed of truth is important nonetheless to get you hooked.

thorstein2242d ago

Nice try but there has yet to be any concrete evidence of the supernatural.

And, ever since almost half the population of the planet started carrying personal cameras and video cameras the sightings of these phenomena (eg UFOs, ghosts, demons, gods) has dropped drastically.

Soldierone2242d ago

It's like when people "find Bigfoot" in the forest, and somehow have the crappiest camera in the world and have a seizure while filming it.... lol

I don't know if this happens elsewhere, but "Bigfoot" stories are almost monthly in my state.... it's annoying. We have phones with camera's that can shoot slow motion, and you somehow have a Polaroid from the 1970's when you just so happen to see Bigfoot.....