It's Official: David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks' Returns In 2016, Official Teaser Unveiled


Wowsers. After years of teasing, hinting, rumors and more, David Lynch's "Twin Peaks" is officially returning. Yes, this is real and no joke and Showtime has dropped the first teaser trailer today.

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alycakes2105d ago

I think so too but at the same time I'm wondering if it will be as weird and as great as it was then.

Crazay2105d ago

Same people who wrote/created the series are back. And they've had time to flesh out all kinds of things. I can';t see how it won't be as weird as before.

alycakes2105d ago

Hope other show that I can remember has ever ended up with a twist as strange as that one. It was such a crazy show.

Crazay2105d ago

It was pretty out there and widely credited as being the birthplace of modern serialized TV drama.

-Foxtrot2105d ago

I'm so excited for this but the actors who played Pete, Garland Briggs and BOB are dead

Now Pete you could easily explain since he was obviously killed by the explosion in the finale but for the other two it's going to be quite hard since they had big connections to the strange going ons at Twin Peaks

I mean BOB is pretty much what the story revolved around, unless they make it so he changes form or they get someone who looks similar.

DarkOcelet2105d ago

As long as the protagonist is back , i dont care . Damn that ending still haunts me till today . Such an awesome show .

2104d ago
DarkBlood2104d ago

I'll have to check this out all I know about twin peaks is that it was an inspiration for the development of deadly premonition which is awesome by the way

CaptainYesterday2104d ago

I love Deadly Premonition and Twin Peaks, I can't wait to see the new series :)

Ninte2104d ago

I need to re watch this to get myself familiar with the series since it's been a very long time.

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