5 Reasons to Watch ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ on Home Media

Screen Rant:
This summer marked one of the worst domestic box office performances in years – and even films that scored well with critics had a struggle to maintain strong legs, commercially. Case in point: Edge of Tomorrow, which was released to rave reviews this past June, with many praising Doug Liman’s latest for being an entertaining thrill-ride that represents what audiences love to see at the multiplex.

As many know, Edge couldn’t translate its strong word-of-mouth into hefty domestic profits, finishing in second during its opening weekend before engaging on a long, slow crawl to $100 million domestically (near $370 million worldwide). Whether you chalk up its performance to the waning star power of Tom Cruise or a poor marketing campaign (Warner Bros. still doesn’t know what to call the film), those who did see it are in agreement that it should have made more in domestic earnings during its theatrical run.

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alycakes2383d ago

I'm going to have to watch it at home. I don't have a big media room but I do have a larger tv than I did a year ago so that will do. I didn't get to see it on the big screen and I know that's a big loss with movies like this....but I'm sure i'll enjoy it anyway.