Top 10 Tuesday - Reasons You Have to Watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer

With a bunch of Buffy the Vampire Slayer cast reunion selfies making waves across social media, it seemed appropriate to revisit this beloved show and, like every fan of the show, attempt to convert the non-believers into devotees. If you have never seen this show, or have seen a few episodes but haven’t quite been won over, here are the top ten reasons why you need to watch (or revisit) this show.

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alycakes2250d ago

I have to agree. I still take out my season set and watch them at least once a year and they never get old. I still cry when the main characters die and when things go terribly wrong and good people suffer. The writing is incredible but then again it is Joss Whedon. He is so good and his imagination is like no other not to mention that he had some of the best company of writers, producers and directors that are now working on tv on other similar shows.