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Why Gotham Is Kind Of Pointless

Gotham has potential in that it wasn’t god awful and has a decent collection of actors. Nothing was truly good about the first episode and I’m not going to give it a pass because it was a pilot. Some shows start off weak and get better and some just stay mediocre. But the writers need to really step their game up to rise above the genericness they’ve created so far.

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RetrospectRealm2457d ago

Not sure the author has any idea what he's talking about. The show has only had one episode so far (That's enough of a reason but I'll go on) and he complains about exactly everything in this show.

Bruce Wayne, Ivy, and Catwoman are too young? They're all about the same age when they're all fighting and committing crimes, so naturally, in this time period, they would be about this age. Not to mention, this show is not supposed to show us Bruce's impact on Gotham City. Why would it? The show is about the Gotham police force and Jim Gordon. Along the way, we will encounter all the characters we know and love from the comics, but not in their entirety because, yeah, they're too young for right now.

"One of our writers suggested having the finale of the first season of Gotham end with Bruce’s parents being murdered. This way we get to know the Wayne family as a unit and we have some point of reference for Bruce as a character before the shooting."

I'm almost positive anyone and everyone who watches this show has points of reference for Bruce as a character.

The Gordon complaint is completely opinion and is not good judgement seeing as the show has only aired ONE EPISODE.

If anything, this article should've been made at least a month from now, so we at least had a handful of episodes to look at.

-Foxtrot2456d ago

"The show is about the Gotham police force and Jim Gordon"

Doesn't feel it...feels more like them trying to cram as many villains and Batman references into an episode.

At the end of the day it's not really about how good or bad the actor is, the fact is we know Gordon fails in cleaning up Gotham because if he succeeded then there would be no point for Batman to exist.

They should of just made a darker, Smallville. Have the show with Bruce just getting back from training all over the world and include flashbacks with the younger actors.

RetrospectRealm2456d ago

That's the point. Gordon fails at cleaning up Gotham. The city needs a hero. Gordon is NOT that hero. This show is to show us that he is not the savior and to show us how he is to fail, even though he'll try his very best and become Gotham's best cop.

I agree, the episode was a bit packed, but you guys need to realize: it's only been one episode. Give it a break.

As for your Smallville comment, you basically just described the beginning of Batman Begins. Lol Already been done.

-Foxtrot2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Yeah but we all know that he fails and well all know because of that he becomes the best cop he can be despite failing. Who wants to see something like this when we know the outcome.

Gotham without Batman is boring, can you actually believe they were just going to have this show based on just Gordon and Bullock. Imagine that, they had to cram in like 5 or 6 villains in the first show just to get it started imagine if they didn't do that.

"you basically just described the beginning of Batman Begins. Lol Already been done"


In the the first episode of GOTHAM we saw Bruce parents get killed, we've seen that a lot of times in films and other media...does that mean that scene shouldn't of happened just because it's been done before? Of course not.

Even if you started the show with him getting back from training all over the world as long as you tell it in a different way then I don't see how it's bad just because it's been done before. We've seen him do this even in the comics. Bit of a weak counter point there to be honest. Do you really think whatever Nolan does can't be done again or something

ironfist922455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

I actually enjoyed the idea of ending the first season with the Wayne's death. It brings more sympathy to Bruce, and we also get to see how important the Waynes are to Gotham, and that their loss has an impact on everyone and the city, providing the catalyst for the descent of Gotham.

Also someone said that everything Jim does during Gotham is rendered pointless given the fact that Gotham needs to descend so far into darkness which gives Batman a reason to be born. For Jim to clean up the city before the rise of Batman lessens Batman's impact and purpose.

RetrospectRealm2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

I'll give you that one on the Wayne's death ending season one. That very much could've worked.

"For Jim to clean up the city before the rise of Batman lessens Batman's impact and purpose."

I believe (or at least hope) that the writers will make Gordon for the most part clean up the streets, but in the end, he fails, making this somewhat of a tragic story. I don't really view Gotham as a 'hero story'.

I also think what you said is the other way around, Batman being needed somewhere down the line lessens Gordon's impact and purpose.

ironfist922455d ago

Well depends which way they go. If Jim's ending is tragic, Batman makes sense, but not for Jim's character arc.

If Jim's ending is successful, then there's no need for Batman.

Or what they could do, have human-level tier villains, then at the end of the series, start introducing supervillains with powers, which ends up getting out of of Jim' control, enticing the need for Batman.

Other plot devices could be added such as flash forwards, or perhaps if they get desperate, introduce Joker asap, and then in later seasons, just time jump and include Batman.

The show needs to secure its purpose in what it wants to achieve, so far its hard to tell. But only two episodes in so impossible to judge.