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Scoop: The Avengers 3 Is Going To Be A Two Part Movie

CBM: Okay folks, we have been working really hard to try and confirm this scoop, and we can say that we are pretty confident of its content, hence why we decided to publish it. According to a source closed to Marvel studios, the battle against Thanos will require more than one movie to be given its proper weight. In fact, the massive battle between earth's mightiest heroes and the mad titan is so complicated and big that it will require a two part movie to give it its due.

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Porcelain_Chicken2417d ago

Damn :l I hate two part movies.

First you get part 1 with all of the character development, all of the build-up but zero pay-off. Then part 2 comes around with zero character development, half of the hype for the build-up already gone, basically just a really looooooong climax.

Lionsguard2416d ago

Then don't watch it. It's more Avengers, are you really complaining? You haven't even seen it yet.

Porcelain_Chicken2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

<_> My critique was towards the whole two-part thing. I wasn't complaining about the Avengers 3 movie itself, how you got that idea from what i wrote i'll probably never know.

Also, "You haven't even seen it yet.". Quite perceptive aren't we? lol. Again it was a small complaint about the two-part movie idea in general. I wasn't attacking this particular movie.

If this is true and it is a two-part movie then i truly hope they make it work.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2416d ago

"It's more Avengers, are you really complaining?"

I rather have 1 good Avengers movie than 2 mediocre ones. If they are splitting it into a 2 parter i hope it's for the sake of really telling the story well and not just to milk the franchise with another movie. Harry Potter & Twilight, i'm looking at you.

Lionsguard2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )


2 mediocre ones? Again, are you people psychics? Since when has a Marvel movie of this caliber been mediocre? Harry Potter and Twilight are two contained stories from a book, Avengers can do their own thing and not be constrained by another medium. Quit your whining already, Avengers 2 isn't even out yet, Christ..

cell9892416d ago

I'm not about to complain about more Avengers movies, the more the better. The infinity gauntlet saga requires 2 movies to properly translate it in to the bigscreen. It could be the Thanos quest and infinity gauntlet combined?

-Foxtrot2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

Wonder if this plan would work as a loophole in some of the actors contracts or will they have to sign on again for one more film.

I feel like with such a massive ending for Phase 3 this is where they could possibly draw the line to end the current Marvel Cinematic Universe if actors like Chris Hemsworth and RDJ don't sign on for more films. Chris Evans is an easy fix since in the comics Bucky, and now Falcon take over the role so you are basically set for 3 Captain America films with Bucky then another 3 with Falcon...that's 6 films in total meaning Marvel would be set for roughly 12/18 years if each film takes 2/3 years to make. You could just have Bucky take over then Chris Evans might make a return after his trilogy, there's still 6/9 years Chris Evans would get off.

I just wouldn't want them to continue the current cinematic universe where we will see the change behind Captain America being told with a logical story (He dies, Bucky takes over) and then see Tony Stark with a brand new actor with no reason behind it. Not to mention we could get a bad story which makes no sense like how Thor is now a woman.

alycakes2417d ago

I really don't think it needs to be a two part movie. Might as well just make an Avengers 4 and leave it at that.

hkgamer2416d ago

then it wouldnt be a trilogy =P

also a good excuse to release 2 movies in a quick succession and budget doesnt have to be as big as 2 seperate movies.

alycakes2416d ago

I'm not saying I mind watching 4 movies...I'll watch anything Joss Whedon will put out there anytime. I just think that they should have never called it a trilogy in the first place, I didn't think they had.

DarkBlood2417d ago

Im personally ok with this I see this as getting more content viewing rather then jamming it into one bottle forcing to cut stuff out just to fit that standard big movie run time.

suffice to say if true im looking forward to it

Software_Lover2416d ago

I'm okay with that. It's better to flesh out your story than to try and cram everything into one film. Sometimes even 3 hours isn't enough. It's like cramming The Lord of The rings into 1 movie. It just wouldn't work.

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