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New Fantastic Four Plot Details Revealed


Hey Schmoeville!
One of the most interesting films set to come out next year is the new Fantastic Four reboot with Josh Trank directing and a main cast filled with some of the better up and coming actors working today. There isn’t really a lot known about the film yet, with only rumors and some set photos leaking online the past few months and Trank making a few statements about the tone the film will have. I’m really excited for it honestly, and with the talent involved, I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being one of the best and most interesting superhero films we end up getting.

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-Foxtrot2500d ago

Sounds awful

"Well, we have heard from our source that it is actually Mara’s Sue Storm who is adopted in the film"

That dosen't make sense.

In the comics there has always been this sense of tension between Sue and Johnny which has put a little strain on their relationship because Sue got her fathers "genius" gene which made her the more "favorite" sibling in Johnny's eyes. Since Franklin is Johnnys dad in this film and Sue is the adopted one it means you don't really have that same set up. I suppose you could say it hurt Johnny more seeing Franklin bond more with an adopted child but it's not the same.

"some of the better up and coming actors working today"

If you say so...

I think Kate Mara is the best one out of them but then again despite how well they act doesn't really matter if they don't look/act like their roles. I like Kate but she's not really who you would cast as Sue.

Jamie Bell looks nothing like Ben Grimm, he's supposed to look like a Tank before his transformation..Jamie Bell is like the opposite.

Miles Teller isn't really a good actor in my opinion, the stuff he's been in has been pretty bad. Plus he has one of those faces you want to punch, really off putting.

Michael B Jordan...well we know that story.

WizzroSupreme2500d ago

I'd never want to punch Mr. Teller in the face. :(

WizzroSupreme2500d ago

Love the cast thus far. Makes more sense to have it (even if it's non-canon) to have Ben Grimm the opposite of what he transforms into. More of a personal conflict that way.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32500d ago

Canon is overrated. We're talking about a comic where the main characters drive around in a rocket propelled car. Not everything in the comics is gold. What's next, are we going to start complaining that ant man isn't a wife beater in his upcoming movie?