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"Comic giant DC’s latest foray into television dramas, Gotham, is very similar to Marvel’s most recent epic blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy, as they were both huge gambles on new IPs which could very easily flop at the box office (or on the small screen in DC’s case). The only difference being that when Marvel wanted to take a risk, they said “let’s give machine guns to a talking raccoon riding atop a giant, dancing, alien tree man and set the whole thing to amazing 80s music!” meanwhile DC simply said “let’s make a Batman show without Batman,” and honestly, I don’t know which concept sounds weirder."

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StarWarsFan2504d ago

So far I like it. I think the show should focus on solving crimes like Elementary and mentoring Bruce Wayne and the youths of the show, but not get too attached to making references to comic book characters and so on over the long-run. For instance, what important role could Edward Nigma really play so early on as a lab geek. I think they could've saved his character for later on. I am surprised the show didn't open to bigger ratings. I realize they were solid, but I expected well into the teens.