From 'Star Wars' to 'Robot Chicken': The Long, Strange Career of Mark Hamill

Happy 63rd Birthday, Mark Hamill!

The actor, writer and director (born Sept. 25, 1951 in Oakland, Calif.) is best known for bringing balance to the Force as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars movies, but his career stretches far beyond that, encompassing appearances alongside Bill Cosby, Roy Schneider and Kevin Smith amongst many, many others. There’s a lot more to this man than waving a lightsaber about, as you can see below — but he’s very good at doing that, as well.

Hamill’s television debut came in Cosby’s first sitcom for NBC, playing Henry in the episode “The Poet.” Even though he was getting pushed around by jocks, it was still clear that the Force was strong in this one — or, at least, it would be when George Lucas got around to creating the Force.

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alycakes2505d ago

He has had a long life film life since Star Wars but mostly behind the camera or just voicing a character. I don't know if he's gotten into shape for his part in this one coming up SW VII but when he was on Criminal Minds about I year or so ago...he had changed so much you could hardly tell it was him.