5 Actors Who Could Play Deadpool Instead Of Ryan Reynolds.

Looking at actors who could play the role of Deadpool instead of Ryan Reynolds.

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-Foxtrot2498d ago

I wouldn't mind seeing Jim Carrey in a superhero film (does Kickass 2 count) but I always wanted him to play Freakazoid if that ever got a live action movie.

04roacht2498d ago

Jim Carrey would be great in a Freakazoid movie

TheHergulaX2498d ago

Wow, I think that this list is quite poor actually. I mean logically speaking, none of these actors seem like a good fit. Personal opinion of course, but Jim Carrey? Guy Pearce? Bradley Cooper? Really? Like there are dozen better actors to play Deadpool, and Reynolds is actually the best pick out of the 6 total, considering the 5 mentioned in the article.

04roacht2498d ago

I forgot about how good an actor Ryan Reynolds is. Green Lantern, RIPD, The Proposal were all roles that should have won him an Oscar. Do you really think Reynolds is the perfect choice? I have shared this article and it seems very split to be honest. Many people say that these choices are brilliant whereas others defend RR to death. What other actors would be better choices in your opinion?

hkgamer2497d ago

ryan reynolds isnt a good actor. he is a sitcom/romcom type actor. however, its a deadpool movie and we dont expect any oscars.

dont know much about deadpool, but what i gather from recent years is that he is a character that is full of snarky comments and breaking the 4th wall. something that ryan reynolds can pull of.

cant really think of any others atm to replace him, but i guess i am pretty good at saying who is or isnt suitable.

alycakes2497d ago

Check him out in Smokin Aces, Buried, and maybe Safe House with Denzel Washington. RR is a good actor. I love most of the movies he's been in. Sometimes you have to also blame the writers and directors.

hkgamer2497d ago

i think jim carrey or woody would be too old to play this movie. also jim carrey is about his facial expressions. wearing a mask would in a sense destroy the purpose.

guy pearce? not sure he can pull off something so extreme.

simon pegg is cool, but is america sick of having another brit take up another superhero movie? we got superman, batman and spiderman already. though it would be great to see another brit do this though :P

bradley cooper can be suitable i guess.

i do see ryan reynolds being a better fit though. i didnt know who deadpool was at firstt, but after seeing/reading more about deadpool i found that x-men butchered him. lets give him another chance his personality would be perfect.