Sons of Anarchy 7.03 Review: “Playing with Monsters” | TVOM

TVOM: "At this point, is anyone expecting any kind of surprises for California’s most-notorious MC? For the entirety of the series, Sons of Anarchy has told the story of one man trying to save himself, his club, and his family; however, season seven’s thrown that to the wind, rather focusing on Jax’s high-speed trip to Hell, a man who no longer acts like a leader or a father, but a homicidal sociopath who continues to harbor unrealistic delusions about how successful his plan to take down Lin’s gang is going to be. “Playing with Monsters” shows us with emphatic fervor that the Men of Mayhem have lost all chance at redemption, turning their heads to peace and forgiveness, instead embracing the same brand of death and deceit that presumably put their club in such a low, unrespected place."

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